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I don't want to die in my pyjamas, I don't want to die in my bed, I want to die in my togs.

Sea swimming gives Mairead many different experiences. But foremost is the sense of peace, relaxation and freedom she feels in the water. Her relationship with the sea is one of deep respect.
- Mairead Ni Mhaoilean

Ultimate Durability against the Irish elements

Swimming in Ireland means exposure to the harshest of climates, all year round. As Weathershield offers ultimate durability against Ireland's infamous wild winds and hail, we wanted to celebrate these swimmers, who like Weathershield, aren't deterred by the elements. These people are the most weather durable people in Ireland. They are the Invincibles.

All Weather Protection

Superior flexibility for all
weather protection

Crack Proof

Superior flexibility protecting from
cracking and flaking

Fade Proof

Superior colour retention