Follow our step by step guide on how to give your UPVC/ PVC door an instant makeover.

Preparation is key. Make sure you thoroughly prepare the surface first.

  1. Remove or mask off door furniture (knocker, handle, number etc) 

  2. Lightly sand the surface.

  3. Thoroughly wipe the surface with a lint free rag soaked in methylated spirits (not white Spirits) and allow to dry.

  4. Apply one coat of Dulux Trade Super Grip primer all over and allow to dry

    1. Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satin or Gloss, available in over 150 colours to choose from in our Weathershield fandeck available to mix instore OR

    2.  Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satinwood (available in 15 popular ready mixed colours. See Weathershield colour card for details) 

Always allow sufficient drying time between coats – check can for details

Colours Featured: 70BG 07/086 CCID 2361246

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