Transform your space with Dulux Exterior paint
Enjoy a fun project that will liven up your home

Transform your space with Dulux Exterior paint

Our homes are always evolving, growing, and changing, and while many of us stay focused on the inside, now it’s even easier to update your exteriors.

You can transform small spaces with the power of paint. Open up tight areas, brighten up dark spaces and bring some love to unused small or city gardens by creating a focal point with a feature wall.

Cricle painted on a wall

Step by step guide for painting a circle

Step 1


To get started, clean your walls and treat any patches of mould. Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash is perfect for this job.

Step 2


Use Dulux exterior masonry paint as your base paint to protect your wall against all the elements of Irish weather.

Step 3


Now you will need to create a circle on your wall. It’s easy - just cut a string to the length of half your circle, pin it to the wall at the centre of your circle and draw your line. Use chalk to draw the circle – especially on uneven walls.

See how to draw a perfect circle here:

Step 4


Next fill your circle with your chosen colour, it can be bright and contrasting, or more muted. Carraig Grey with Achill White works beautifully.

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