Bringing the Inside-Outside

You may be fortunate to have a room inside that leads directly to an outdoor space or overlooks one; this is an ideal opportunity to develop an indoor-outdoor connection.

The easiest method is to have a shared flow of colour that links both inside and outside by using an all-over use of colour that may capture the greenery of the neighbouring landscape or a subtle connection between interior and exterior features.

An outdoor space can be rejuvenated by painting a perimeter fence, patio garden furniture, a decking space, a large masonry wall or indeed brickwork. Weathershield dark neutrals such as Merlin, Devil’s Churn and Black offer a great backdrop on perimeter walls set against vibrant plant colours such as pinks, purples, and oranges. In contrast, Wicklow Way, Donegal Grass and Knock Na Ri are good extensions of an interior space using Tranquil Dawn.

The image shows Tranquil Dawn

The image shows Tranquil Dawn

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