Considering a Streetscape Exterior

Using a vibrant colour on the front of your house enhances your home's kerb appeal and improves the look and feel of a town and village for passers-by and visitors; it's also an excellent opportunity to highlight your personality.

Consideration needs to be given when choosing colours for a streetscape especially houses left, and right of your home will determine your colour direction. Ideally, a contrasting colour scheme that flows throughout the street works best where all homes have their own personality as well as work together. Pops of colour on front doors can be a great way to add some unique character.

4 houses with a different colour

Colours used in the Image from Left to Right

House 1: Main Walls Dingle Pink, Window Sills Achill White, Door Atlantic Swell

House 2: Main Walls Little Heather, Window Sills Achill White, Door Bondi Waters

House 3: Main Walls Blessington Blue, Window Sills Achill White, Door Raspberry Lane

House 4: Main Walls Granard Green, Window Sills Achill White, Door Blushed Lavender

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