Episode 5 – The Chrysalis Garden by Aimee Moore

Episode Five’s Designer, Aimee Moore (34) is a mother of one who has worked in the gardening sector her whole life. Having dedicated her life to raising her daughter Khia (11) and working for other gardening & retail companies Aimee’s made a life-changing decision – she’s prioritising her dream and her future career as a garden designer. The first step on that road is winning Super Garden – she hopes!

Aimee’s Chrysalis garden aims to celebrate butterflies and new beginnings in a contemporary style.  Stepping from the house a gravel pathway curves under an arch to a social area at the top of the garden. Trees provide screening from the road but will they be enough? The path continues around a raised brickwork planter & onto a raised lawn area for grandkids to run and play. At the rear of the garden a secluded reflection area is enclosed with wooden fencing and a pergola. On the opposite side of the house bins are screened off from view.

Aimee is introducing lots of orange and purple colours in a planting scheme which holds structure through the year. A dedicated butterfly perennial bed has a butterfly house while native planting and hanging feeders will bring no shortage of wildlife to this front garden.

Aimee’s paint choices:

Pergola – 55YR24/666

Arches – 30BG16/133

Fencing – Silver Birch Cuprinol Garden Shades

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