The return of red brick and how to complement it with the right shade of paint.


Red brick has been in use in Ireland since before the building of Georgian period homes. It’s a beautiful, sustainable material, that only looks better over time as it weathers. In this article, we will examine the best ways to paint the exterior of your home when red brick is your dominant feature.

Earthy shades of brown such as Brittas Sands, greens such as Knock Na Ri as well as sandy colours such as Sandstone complement the warmth of brick. We would advise you steer clear of solid greys or greys with blue undertones and veer towards a grey such as Cashel Clay which has a brown undertone and Portland which has green. 

All of these hues are available in Dulux stores around the country. Picking up a Weathershield Colour Guide to bring home and sit with for a day or two is a really helpful way to establish your favourite shade. If you feel you would further benefit from a professional chat, you can also book a ‘Let’s chat colour consultation’

Simplicity is really key when mixing with red brick. These are some stunning simple examples of shades which work with red brick)

Brick is currently in the middle of a revival due to it’s cosy and rustic associations. As the brick is a chic statement in itself, the paint should serve to highlight this, not overshadow it.

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