The Weathershield Advantage

Transform your home with Weathershield

We followed Ryan, a painter from Cork, as he transformed the exterior of his client's home using Dulux Weathershield. Why did Ryan choose Weathershield for this project?

"The coverage is brilliant, it's easy to use and the durability is second to none" Ryan O'Keeffe 

At Dulux we call it, The Weathershield Advantage! See the stunning transformation below.

Why choose Weathershield?

Weathershield's unique formulation delivers enhanced durability with flexible weather protection for Ireland’s climate - whatever the weather might bring. This makes it just what you need to give your home the protection it deserves - and keep it looking beautiful - with a superb range of colours expertly chosen to last, year after year

Before and After

Breathtaking transformation using products from the Weathershield range.

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