Find the perfect colour scheme for your home

When in doubt, turn to ‘the trio’. The trio is an expertly curated palette of colours which complement each other perfectly for the exterior of your home.

The Trio involves three shades of the same colour, all positioned next to each other on a colour wheel. There is one dominant colour, then a lighter and a darker version. 

These hues have been selected to blend with the Irish landscape and the natural stone work of our buildings. Northern hemisphere sunlight in Ireland creates dramatic light changes throughout the day, while this can make some colours seem harsh; the tonal schemes of The Trio are gentle and harmonious on our general exterior walls. 

A lighter tint looks beautiful on decorative features such as window reveals and quoin stones. The deepest shade creates a spectacular pop of colour for the sills and the plinth.

For homes that don’t lend themselves to a trio of colours, mixing two colours from the wheel will complement the surfaces in a natural, quietly stylish way.

A house of any style will boast more than one feature, and using the different shades in our trio will highlight these elements.

This muted background gives way to a calm, inviting space which will look equally balanced in a housing estate or a country road. It gives the opportunity to indulge in more daring colour choices for the front door, the most dramatic feature of your home.

A low pitched roof can benefit by creating an elongated effect with a subtle contrast in the colour of the plinth and the wall. A trio such as Fallow Fawn, Antelope and Achill White or Knock na Ri, Wild Cotton and Wicklow Way will be sublime combinations.

For natural stone, which often holds grey and grey within it’s undertones, a mix of Cashel Clay, Soft Avoca, Knock na Ri and Rugged Stone will blend in an organic way.

Let The Trio lead your way and take the guesswork out of your renovation. It’s available at Dulux outlets throughout the country

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