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Colour Featured: Raspberry Lane.

The front door of your house is the first impression you will give guests and neighbours of your home. Before they see inside the walls of your house, they will have made a decision about how stylish it is likely to be. Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to mean a massive renovation; it can be as simple as applying a fresh colour to your front door.

While classic shades like navy and brown can create an elegant aesthetic,  innovative shades of green, red, yellow—even pink, maroon, or striped can be modern and striking.

The texture can be determined by how glossy or matt the finish is. Both Dulux’s High Gloss and less shiny Satinwood finishes offer choice for this. 

To get started, we suggest you prepare your door by first removing any hard ware such as handle, knob or door number if possible, then sand the surface as thoroughly as possible, using a sand block or sandpaper. Scrape away any flaking paint and use an exterior filler to fill in any cracks. When the surface is dry, you are ready for your first coat of paint!

The style of your door and your personal preference will determine the finish you choose. High Gloss is a daring choice and looks sublime on doors that have architectural moulding or features. On the other hand, our water based Satin Finish dries quickly and has a less shiny finish. It’s particularly flattering on modern surfaces. Both options come in a stunning array of colours; our subtle green, gray and blue hues such as Wild Orchid, Sweet Bluebird and Soft Granite are especially compatible with brick. Stone on the other hand creates a neutral backdrop to experiment with a brighter colour such as Raspberry Lane, Cornfield and Bondi Waters. Find a store with a Weathershield Coulour Guide in one of several locations at https://www.dulux.ie/

Once you’ve chosen your finish, you can apply a coat of Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior Undercoat,  followed by two coats of Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior in Satin or High Gloss.

If your door is changing colour quite dramatically, it’s likely to need more than two coats. Leave a couple of hours drying time in between each coat. Another consideration when choosing colour is your location. Your home’s natural surroundings should play a role in helping you be inspired. Let the brickwork, flowers, or the sea, if you are lucky enough, help you to choose.

Painting your front door is the most effective way to lift both your own mood and the look of your house. In terms of a project, it’s a lot less time consuming and expensive than re-painting your entire home.

You can Discover the Weathershield Coulour Guide online or order your free copy here

Colour Featured: Killala Bay

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